that I have completed or am working on


A fully web-based suite of mini-games designed to be played in Telegram groupchats. Heavily inspired by GamePigeon for iOS.

Pitch Detection Directed Study

Took a directed study in computational audio with Prof. Wayne Snyder at BU. We mainly focused on different algorithms for fundamental frequency detection in python, such as YIN and Cepstral Analysis. We compared performance, ease of implementation, and usage caveats for each.


Fully custom QMK-powered mechanical numpad with embedded 4-func calculator. PCB designed in KiCad and case designed in Fusion360. [WIP]


React Native mobile app for tracking and predicting turnip prices in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Web-based Realtime Multiplayer game made with Node.js and the Phaser framework. [WIP]

RPG Tool

Tool for keeping track of a D&D character and making dice rolls made with Java.


A (eventually) fully-featured Tamagotchi V(1) clone that texts you when it needs attention made with Node.js and MongoDB. Currently only have the proof-of-concept of all the components working. [WIP]